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Emotional Quotient

Helping Individuals to Cope with Modern Life.

What is Emotional Quotient (EQ)?


Psychologists believe that everyone has an Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and an Emotional Quotient (EQ).  IQ is a measure of cognitive intelligence and EQ is a measure of emotional intelligence


While it is generally accepted that an individuals IQ is handed out at birth, the same individual’s EQ can develop over time and through training.


Emotional Quotient was first used as a measure of Emotional Intelligence by Dr Reuven Bar-On.  He defined emotional intelligence as being concerned with effectively understanding oneself and others, relating well to people, and adapting to one’s immediate surroundings. Emotional Intelligence helps individuals to cope with their surroundings and to be more successful in dealing with environmental demands.


Individuals with a higher than average EQ are in general more successful in meeting environmental demands and pressures.


Bar-On notes that a deficiency in Emotional Intelligence can mean a lack of success and the existence of emotional problems.  Problems in coping with one’s environment are thought, by Bar-On, to be especially common among those individuals lacking in the areas of reality testing, problem solving, stress tolerance, and impulse control.


In general, Bar-On considers emotional intelligence and cognitive intelligence to contribute equally to a person’s general intelligence, which then offers an indication of one’s potential to succeed in life.


The Development Company UK Limited is accredited to use the BarOn EQ-i system to measure Emotional Quotient.

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