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The Key Qualities of Effective Managers


Management Fundamentals has been designed for the UK's largest charity to give managers the tools to be effective in their respective roles.


The programme makes strong references to the Organisation's Strategy and what the strategy means for managers within the organisation.


The programme is practical and pragmatic in its content and style of delivery. It is centred on the skills, techniques and actions that when employed will benefit managers, their direct reports and by implication the organisation.


The objectives of the Management Fundamentals Development Programme are for managers to:

  • Understand the principles of Management and how they differ to Leadership
  • Gain an insight into empowering and inspiring others through communication and action
  • Discuss and explore what it is like to be a manager within the organisation along with the associated responsibility and accountability
  • Understand how to leverage higher levels of motivation, productivity and performance
  • Manage and lead change effectively
  • Develop and refine their skills and / or confidence in the art of managing difficult situations
  • Have had a positive and challenging development experience where they share ideas, best practice and their respective challenges
  • Define a small number of actions and commitments for the continued development of their respective teams and their role as a manager within the organisation.

The programme is delivered through two days of intensive training with a follow up day six weeks later.


Feedback from the programme has been very positive.

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